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Crime In Chicago Drops Dramatically As CCW Permits Surge

Illinois Governor and anti-gun crusader Pat Quinn will certainly not like this news ...

Illinois Governor and anti-gun crusader Pat Quinn will certainly not like the following news …

Boy, the gun control cultists are gonna love this one: since Illinois was forced to adopt a CCW law, crime statistics in Chicago have plunged, even as applications for carry permits have surged:

Since Illinois started granting concealed carry permits this year, the number of robberies that have led to arrests in Chicago has declined 20 percent from last year, according to police department statistics. Reports of burglary and motor vehicle theft are down 20 percent and 26 percent, respectively. In the first quarter, the city’s homicide rate was at a 56-year low.

I recall when Florida became the first state to pass concealed carry laws in the late 1980s. Liberals were apoplectic, screeching that the peaceful streets of Florida would be transformed into Gunfight At The OK Corral. Stray bullets would be flying all over the place, striking down innocent bystanders. The body count would be enormous.

In reality, that’s how Florida was – thanks to gangs and drugs – before CCW. Really, it couldn’t have gotten much worse.

But the opposite happened as law-abiding citizens began carrying concealed firearms. Things settled down. Members of drug gangs still gunned each other down, and foreign (which is to say, unarmed) tourists were singled out for vicious robberies and murders, but attacks on innocent American citizens nose-dived.

Concealed carry in Illinois will likewise not put a stop to Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords and Latin Kings from murdering each other with wild, reckless abandon in Chicago. But it is already putting the kibosh on such people attacking the innocent.

Cringing, Lefty Oklahoma College Deans Fear Legal Guns On Campus


Oklahoma is about as gun-friendly a state as one can find in these not-so-United States. It is exceeded only, perhaps, by Alabama, whose recent passage of a “guns everywhere” law sent leftists all across America pissing and squealing.

However, Oklahoma bans concealed carry on college campuses. To correct this glaring deficiency, Republican Senator Ralph Shortey, and Republican Representative John Enns have introduced legislation aimed at allowing state college students to practice their Second Amendment rights by carrying firearms.

But officials at Oklahoma’s two universities, the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, are apoplectic. Shortey and Enns are facing frantic – but ultimately ineffectual – resistance to their proposed law.

David L. Boren, who heads the U of O, had this to say:

“Placing guns on campus, except in the hands of highly trained law enforcement officers and professionals, would be a serious mistake and would lead only to tragic results.”

At the same time, OSU president Don Betz whined, “What problem are they trying to solve? We don’t need more people on campus with guns.”

Methinks the deans doth protest too much – so much so that you wonder why. Their hysteria goes far beyond nebulous, misplaced worries over Wild West-style gunfights on the quad.

It turns out that their vehement objections seem to be rooted in ideology, rather than logic.

Boren is a lifelong communist Democrat who served as Oklahoma governor from 1975 to 1979, then leveraged this position to win a seat in the U.S. Senate, which he held from 1979 to 1994. As a Senator, he was an enthusiastic supporter of President Bill “BeelzeBubba” Clinton’s wrongheaded and Draconian Assault Weapon Ban.

He was also a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, where he twisted arms … er, “helped build consensus” for regime change in South Africa, resulting in his personal friend, that murderous fiend Nelson Mandela, being freed from prison and catapulted into the driver’s seat of that troubled nation.

Just ask the white South Africans – the ones who haven’t been hacked to death, en masse, by communist black militants – what a swell guy Mandela was.

Of course Boren is awed by Barack Hussein Obama. His lickspittle devotion earned him a cushy side job on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Ka-ching!

Finally, he’s pals with Michael Bloomberg, and was reportedly considering a third-party run for the White House with this über-leftist in 2007, before über-über-über leftist Obama stole the show – along with our rights, our money, and our national dignity.

Golly. No wonder Boren is shitting wolverines at the thought of personal firearms being legally carried at his indoctrination center school. When you’re that far to the left, you react to anything even roughly shaped like a gun in the same way Dracula reacts to a crucifix.


Betz’ schtick is a little harder to unravel, and requires a great deal of dreary academic reading, not to mention a great many shots of tequila, to get to the bottom of.

We learn that Betz is a lifelong proponent of Peace In The Middle East. And really, aren’t we all?

But Betz’ prescription seems, on balance, for the Israelis to stop picking on Hamas and other radical Muslim terrorist organizations – an odd thing, coming from Betz, who is himself a Jew.

But as a liberal American Jew, Betz has no problem serving as an occasional keynote speaker to the Oklahoma branch of the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR), which gives Hamas moral and financial support in its mission to launch as many rockets into Israel as it can get its grubby, bloodstained little mitts on.

During his career, Betz has focused furious intellectual effort on “understanding” Hamas and similar organizations who in turn grin crookedly, shrug and flatly state they exist mainly to kill as many Jews as possible.

Understanding groups like Hamas ain’t quantum physics – or at least, it shouldn’t be. Edjamacated professors like Betz, however, work tirelessly for decades to transform a simple issue – hatred of Jews by Hamas – into something as complex as a description of a Calabi-Yau manifold. Only a man with a degree in Political Science could accomplish such a feat.


A eleven-dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold (l) is difficult to understand; a Hamas terrorist (r) not so much. Academics like Dr. Don Betz have it all exactly bass-ackwards …

If only Israel “understood” Hamas, he says dreamily, hostilities would evaporate and the Middle East would be filled with lollipops, rainbows and unicorns.

Group hug, anyone?

It is no stretch to conclude that anyone – especially a Jew – who feels Israel has no right to defend itself from rocket attacks by terrorists would similarly conclude that students have no right to defend themselves from would-be rapists, robbers and murderers.

“What problem are they trying to solve?” Betz rhetorically asks of conservative efforts to allow CCW on campus.

Duh! Problems like the one that unarmed students at Virginia Tech faced when confronted with a homicidal lunatic named Seung-Hui Cho in 2007, ya stoopid egghead.

Unfortunately, American academia is chock-full of Koolaid drinkers like Boren and Betz. So introducing legally carried, defensive firearms into their little fiefdoms is never without a lot of erudite hand-wringing, boo-hooing, butthurt and snide remarks.

Thankfully, these lettered imbeciles are finding themselves crushed beneath the onrushing steamroller of gun rights lately. In Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, and Alabama, the anti-gun weasels have already lost. Other states, such as Oklahoma, are soon to follow.

The Virgina Tech massacre in 2007 demonstrated clearly that unarmed students in gun-free colleges are easily imperiled by lone lunatics. It’s far better to have the ability to shoot back, than to have no other option than to meekly line up facing the blackboard, and tearfully wait for a bullet to the brain.

Shaneen Allen: Race And Gun Control


Radley Balko, writing for the Washington Post, has an excellent piece today about the plight of Shaneen Allen:

Last October, Shaneen Allen, 27, was pulled over in Atlantic County, N.J. The officer who pulled her over says she made an unsafe lane change. During the stop, Allen informed the officer that she was a resident of Pennsylvania and had a conceal carry permit in her home state. She also had a handgun in her car. Had she been in Pennsylvania, having the gun in the car would have been perfectly legal. But Allen was pulled over in New Jersey, home to some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States.

Allen is a black single mother. She has two kids. She has no prior criminal record. Before her arrest, she worked as a phlebologist [note: I think the word is “phlebotomist” – UD]. After she was robbed two times in the span of about a year, she purchased the gun to protect herself and her family. There is zero evidence that Allen intended to use the gun for any other purpose. Yet Allen was arrested. She spent 40 days in jail before she was released on bail. She’s now facing a felony charge that, if convicted, would bring a three-year mandatory minimum prison term.

Balko makes the point that the “gun rights community” – popularly viewed as a bunch of old, fat, rural white guys – would largely ignore Ms. Allen’s story, since she is both urban and black. However, gun rights activists have rallied to Ms. Allen support, pointing out something we’ve been saying for a long time: Stupid, Draconian gun laws disproportionately harm minorities.

What is not being said – at least not very loudly, not yet – is that New Jersey is run by a 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, Chris Christie. This fellow, a favorite of establishment Republicans, whose stance on private ownership of modern weapons seems to be, ahem, somewhat fluid, oversees the state machinery responsible for Ms. Allen’s arrest and incarceration. Prosecutors hope to convict her of a felony that would result in prison time, and bar her from ever legally owning a firearm in the future.

In addition to supporting Ms. Allen in any way you can, I hope you also remember this story, should Chris Christie’s needlessly redundant name appear on primary ballots in your state in 2016.

Lawmakers Impatient To Change Illinois’ CCW Law


While Second Amendment enthusiasts continue to celebrate Illinois’ forced adoption of a CCW law, communists Democrats in the Land-O-Lincoln (LOL) have redoubled their efforts to make a permit as difficult as possible to obtain, and to severely limit the rights of those holding a CCW permit:

… the same day [Sen. Kwame] Raoul, [D-Chicago] made those comments, he filed SB3559, which stated that licensees would be allowed only to carry one concealed weapon and one magazine with a capacity of 10 or fewer rounds …

Other efforts to add more restrictions to the law include:

•SB2669, from Sen. Don Harmon, D-Oak Park, would prohibit licensees from carrying a concealed weapon on private property other than their own without permission from the property owner. Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch, D-Westchester, sponsored an identical bill in the House.

•SB3229, also from Harmon, would create the Handgun Dealer Licensing Act, which would require anyone selling a concealable firearm to be registered by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. An identical bill is sponsored in the House by Chicago Democratic Rep. Elgie Sims.

•HB4517, from Kenneth Dunkin, D-Chicago, would prohibit anyone from carrying a concealed firearm into any building or area that is defined as a restaurant, including cafeterias, cafes, coffee shops and sandwich stands.

•HB4715, from Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, would create the Firearms Registration Act, which would require Illinois gun owners to register every firearm they own. The bill further states that anyone buying ammunition in Illinois can do so only if they’ve registered a firearm with which the ammunition can be used. An identical bill in the Senate is sponsored by Sen. Jacqueline Collins, D-Chicago.

So, yeah, if you’re willing to fight all the bureaucratic red tape and spend a load of cash, you can get a concealed carry permit in Illinois. Unfortunately, if Illinois communists Democrats have their way, you’ll be limited to ten rounds of ammo, and there will be few places you will actually be allowed to carry your pistol.

What communists Democrats fail to achieve by legislation, they’ll try to achieve with regulation. Especially in the LOL.

Review: FNH P90 “Hide In Plain Sight” Concealment System


If you’re like me, you like to keep your ordinance close at hand, especially when you’re lazing around the living room watching AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, having a FNH PS90 laying on the coffee table can be a little off-putting to unenlightened friends who happen to drop by for an evening of televised, fictional zombie ass-kicking.

What’s more, you never know when those pesky feds are going to drop by for a no-knock warrant. Prone as they are to shoot dangerous-looking house pets such as wiener dogs, fluffy white kitties, gerbils and parakeets, imagine how trigger-happy the bastards would be if they saw a loaded Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) leaning against the wall.

Face it: there are plenty of times you want your PS90 close, but camouflaged.

Now, thanks to the “Hide In Plain Sight” concealment system offered by MayhemTech of Schenectady, New York, that bullpup of yours can fade into the woodwork until it’s needed.

The HIPS consists of a tasteful teakwood base that holds your PS90 vertical, and an equally tasteful lampshade that slips into the flash suppressor at the muzzle.

So, is that an expensive, art-deco lamp on the end table, or a deadly weapon? Only you will know, bwah-hah-hah …

(NOTE: This HIPS concealment system does not turn your PS90 into a functioning lamp. Under no circumstances should you allow house guests or federal agents to attempt to turn it on. Doing so will unleash a 5.7x28mm round directly into the ceiling at 2065 fps.)

April Fools.

Georgia’s “Stunning” New Gun Law


Progressives are weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth at a new gun law in Georgia that is expected to be signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal. HB60 will allow residents to carry a gun … virtually anywhere they go, to include churches, courthouses, schools, airports and other areas that were traditionally decreed “gun-free zones”:

Americans for Responsible Solutions, founded by Gabrielle Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who was critically wounded in a mass shooting in 2011, calls it “the most extreme gun bill in America” and the “guns everywhere” legislation. The National Rifle Association calls it “the most comprehensive pro-gun” bill in recent state history, and described the vote at the Capitol 11 days ago as “a historic victory for the Second Amendment.”

Gun control groups obviously oppose the new law. So do police, who – if they spot someone carrying a firearm – will be forbidden from asking to see a person’s CCW permit. Various church groups also oppose the bill.

Progressives are predicting a tsunami of blood in the streets, as they did when Florida became the first state to enact CCW legislation in the late 1980s. It didn’t happen then, and it is unlikely it will happen now. Rather, potential maniacs are now denied gun-free “kill zones” where they can massacre innocents without fear of being shot back at.

The hypocrisy of the Left in America, especially when it comes to states drafting laws, is amazing. When states such as Colorado pass laws legalizing cannabis, or when states such as Nevada have laws sanctioning prostitution, lefties argue those states have the right to pass laws tailored for the wants or needs of that particular state. But if a state passes pro-gun legislation, the Left throws a hissy-fit.

If Georgia liberals don’t like their neighbors being allowed to carry guns, they should move to a Blue state, rather than hanging around and stinking up the Red ones.

Court Tosses California’s Concealed Weapon Rules

Liberals in the People's Republic of Kalifornia are less than pleased with today's ruling by, of all people, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ...

Liberals in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia are less than pleased with today’s ruling by, of all people, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals …

Previously, in order to receive a concealed carry permit in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, one had to show “good cause” for needing the permit. Saying you wanted the general ability to protect yourself was insufficient. As a result, few residents of the PROK – except Hollywood types and other “limousine liberals” – could carry.

Today, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this requirement “Unconstitutional”:

By a 2-1 vote, the three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said California was wrong to require applicants to show good cause to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“The right to bear arms includes the right to carry an operable firearm outside the home for the lawful purpose of self-defense,” Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain wrote for the majority.

I blinked and rubbed my eyes after first reading that. Was there another 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals I hadn’t heard about? A 9th different from the one infamous for outlandish, left-leaning rulings?

Nope. Same court. Golly!

Cringing leftists – notably, at the LA Times – fear that this ruling will effectively kill attempts at gun control. However, editorial writer Michael McGough quickly (and with the irrational, indefatigable Pollyannishness that characterizes liberals) adds:

So is this decision (assuming it survives an appeal) a fatal blow to gun control? Not necessarily. States and counties could satisfy the court by accepting that a generalized interest in self-defense is a “good cause” justifying a concealed-carry permit.

But that wouldn’t prevent authorities from enumerating factors that would disqualify an applicant for a permit: mental illness, a criminal record or presence at a school or other sensitive location. In Heller, Justice Antonin Scalia made it clear that “nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on long-standing prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings.”

The 9th Circuit’s decision will displease advocates of gun control. But their real quarrel is with the Supreme Court’s belated discovery that the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right, not just the ability of states to form “well-regulated militias.” Once that principle was established, it was clear, for good or ill, that gun-control regulations would have to be carefully drawn.

Sorry, Mike but, yes, efforts at “gun control” (read: registration, bans and confiscation) are dying all across America. Too many of us lawfully own firearms and – guess what, Mike? – we vote.

To be sure, Crips and Bloods, Latin Kings and Mara Salvatruchae in Mike’s hometown of LA own all sorts of dreadful firepower – and use them daily with wild, reckless abandon. They do so regardless of – probably in spite of – Kalifornia’s enlightened laws. What today’s decision by the 9th does is level the playing field, ever-so-slightly.

Kentucky’s SB60 Would Allow CCDW In Bars, Restaurants


Tomorrow, January 28, Senate Bill 60 is scheduled to be heard in the Kentucky State Senate Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee.

The bill is primarily designed to address issues regarding concealed carry in bars and restaurants which serve alcohol. Currently, residents of the Commonwealth are prohibited from carrying concealed deadly weapons in such businesses. Also in the bill is a provision requiring students in CCDW classes from demonstrating they can strip, clean and reassemble their pistols.

A summary of the bill reads as follows:

AN ACT relating to deadly weapons.

Amend KRS 237.110 to allow firearms safety instructors to issue certificates of completion rather than the Department of Criminal Justice Training and to prohibit administrative regulations which would require concealed deadly weapon license applicants to clean guns in class; amend KRS 244.125 to prohibit alcohol consumption while in possession of a loaded firearm when on premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink; amend KRS 237.128 and 237.132 to conform.

The entire bill can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word .doc here.

While only a fool would go to a rowdy tavern carrying a pistol, there are many restaurants that also serve alcohol by the drink. If I take my family to Applebee’s for dinner, I’m hardly looking for trouble. Since I’m retired law enforcement, covered by HB218, I pack a gun anytime I go to Applebee’s (or anywhere else, for that matter). Kentucky residents with CCDW permits should have the same right to enjoy a platter of Three Cheese Chicken Penne, and gawk at all the goofy stuff on the walls, while carrying a pistol.

(However, I would urge holders of CCDW permits to be responsible, and not carry when they’re drinking. I myself don’t drink at all, in no small part because I always carry.)

As to the requirement that CCDW students must demonstrate an ability to strip, clean and reassemble their weapons to earn their permit, I have mixed feelings. Knowing how to perform this simple task is an essential skill for gun owners. On the other hand, requiring this by law places gun owners on a slippery slope. Might future CCDW applicants have to prove proficiency with firearms in other ways, such as memorizing ballistic tables or shooting with IPSC-like speed and accuracy? You can bet some progressive has thought of using the “field-strip and clean” requirement as precedent for more onerous laws designed to deny Kentuckians of their Second Amendment Rights.

In the Kentucky legislature, there are communists Democrats determined to kill SB 60. Governor Steve Beshear is one of these. The New York Times yesterday praised this Common Core-supporting, Obamacare-facilitating progressive of seeking to socialize Kentucky to the point it resembles Finland. For these reasonable amendments to Kentucky CCDW law to become law, either Beshear would have to sign SB 60 into law (doubtful); or, conservative lawmakers in Kentucky would have to have sufficient votes to override a Beshear veto.

On the eve of this critical debate in the Kentucky State Senate Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations Committee, I’m receiving reports of tomfoolery with persons who’ve recently applied for CCDW permits. They are being told that their ID cards suffered a little “accident” in the U.S. Post Office. Envelopes containing the cards were somehow torn open, with the cards lost or possibly stolen. My sources are being told that they may have to wait another month or two for new cards to be issued and shipped.

Why only those envelopes containing Kentucky CCDW cards were “accidentally” opened is not being satisfactorily explained to those  who’ve been patiently awaiting their IDs for almost two months already.

In Oklahoma, Women Are Starting To Close The Gun Permit Gender Gap



Another positive sign:

Two of every three handgun permits issued last year by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation went to a man, but women are catching up.

The number of permits going to women tripled over the last two years, while the number of permits going to men slightly more than doubled. Robert Jerome, owner of Invictus Personal Defense, is seeing more and more women interested in handguns.

The increased interest by women in not only owning and shooting guns, but carrying them for personal protection, is an encouraging development at many levels. Obviously, women who are able to safely operate and accurately fire guns are far safer than females who eschew firearms. I want the significant women in my life – wife, sisters, daughters, nieces, etc – to be safe from criminal aggression. Ownership and carry of a firearm provides that safety.

On a national scale, women who understand and appreciate firearms are far less likely to vote for leftist candidates – who, after all, want to take our guns. Every female who choses to own or carry a gun thus enhances our overall quality of life in America … except for progressives.


Remington Enters Concealed Handgun Market With R51



The growth of CCW by civilians has resulted in almost all firearms manufacturers producing compact handguns. Now, Remington has entered that market with the R51, an internal striker-fired, 9mm subcompact handgun. According to an article today at the Daily Caller:

The Model R51 is a confluence of features chosen specifically to make it extremely easy to point and shoot. Its grip angle has been optimized for rapid target acquisition. The low bore axis design boosts this effect while also aids in offering up to 25% less muzzle rise at the shot for faster, more accurate follow-ups. For comfortable carry, it features a lightweight aluminum frame with rounded edges. With very little force required to rack the slide, an ambidextrous magazine release and a simple grip safety, ease of use was addressed by from butt to bore by Remington engineers.

This sleek little gun also features smooth, beveled lines to assist in snag-free draws from beneath clothing. MSRP is $389.

Here’s a video from Remington:

… and a video showing the internals: