Rumors Build Over New Glock G41 & G42 Pistols


As Glock prepares to formally unveil two new pistols – the G41 and G42 – rumors continue to build as to the size, calibers and features of these new products. Both are expected to attract a lot of attention at the SHOT Show in January, 2014.

Substantial information has leaked about the G41. Apparently, this will be a longslide version of the G21 in .45 ACP, comparable to the longslide 9mm and .40 S&W versions, the G34 and G35 , respectively.

According to gun writer Richard Johnson:

It appears a new longslide .45 is coming from Smyrna: the Glock 41 pistol.  There has not been an official statement from Glock, but the guns have started popping up in online catalogs around the internet.

The new Glock 41 handguns will be “practical-tactical” versions of the company’s model 21 SF, with a 5.3″ barrel instead of a 4.6″ barrel.  The 13 round magazines will be standard and interchangeable with the model 21.  A 10-round restricted capacity version will also be sold.

About time! I know quite a few IPSC shooters who would rush out and buy one. My own son, who wants to compete in IPSC competitions next summer, is a die-hard Glock fan; but his un-ported, G21 Gen 4 probably isn’t up to the task. The G41 would fill that niche rather nicely.

The G42, however, is still shrouded in secrecy. Most speculation revolves around a new subcompact, single-stack pistol in caliber .380 or 9mm Para. This would make sense, since other companies – exploiting the rapid growth of concealed carry – are producing eensy-weensy little pocket pistols as fast as they can churn them out. Johnson sums up suppositions about the G42 thus:

Details on the new Glock model 41 have already leaked out, and the company is running an ad suggesting the introduction of a subcompact pistol. While many people have been asking Glock for a single stack 9mm pistol (and a rifle for that matter), my guess would be a Ruger LCP-style .380 ACP handgun. I don’t know how saturated that market is at this point, but I’m sure the company would sell a bunch of them.

Here’s the suggestive ad in question:

Leaked ads for the new G42 suggests a single-stack, subcompact pistol, probably in .380 or 9mm.

Leaked ads for the new G42 suggests a single-stack, subcompact pistol, probably in .380 or 9mm.

And here’s a photoshop gag image of the G42 making the rounds on the Internet:


This is a gag image and is not real. Repeat, this is a gag image and is not real.

It seems likely that the G42 will be a subcompact pistol – my guess would be in 9mm Para. Glock has shown exactly zero interest in producing a .380 in the past. They may also want to take advantage of the failure and recall, earlier this year, of Springfield Armory’s line of single-stack, subcompact XD(S) pistols that would occasionally go boom when the user racked one onto the chamber.

UPDATE: Glock has revealed details of the G42. A report is here.

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